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Are you a salesperson looking to extend your reach to new markets and opportunities?

Do you have a sales team hungry for challenges and ready to take on the growing additive manufacturing industry?

If so, you are at the right place. We are B2N Additive Manufacturing Ecosystem – one of the first and finest distributors of 3D printers, 3D scanners, and 3D materials on the Balkan peninsula. And we’re looking for you.

We have the experience

With the extensive industry background, we have made strong relations with the best manufacturers in Europe and the USA. These globally renowned brands are at the forefront and are pushing daily the additive manufacturing industry’s limits.

A strong network of partners

The advantages of becoming a B2N sales partner

  • Full business solution

    You will have a strong sales advantage because your sales deck will consist of solutions not merely products. Implementing 3D printing in your potential clients’ business will enable them to stay ahead of competition with faster time-to-market, to produce on demand and to cut costs.

  • Solid expertise

    You will have the confidence that what you are selling will be beneficial for your clients because, working with us means tapping in our vast expertise in selling 3D printers and 3D filaments.

  • Always have backup

    You will have the peace of mind that your efforts are moving the pin because you'll have routine meetings with a dedicated account manager.

  • Marketing advantage

    You can start selling right away because of the ready-to-use marketing content provided by our partners.

  • Limitless growth

    You won't have a sales limit.

  • Wide sales reach

    You will extensively widen your sales reach. Additive manufacturing is used in many industries, which means you can contact new and existing businesses such as machine engineering, manufacturing, automobile, aerospace, architecture, dental medicine, jewelry-making, packaging, etc..

  • Part of a strong network

    We strive to be an innovative and future-oriented company. Hence, our partnership means that you order easy from our online sales partner portal. Besides, you will have a dedicated account manager with whom you will solve any issue, clear out any misunderstanding and anything else that you may require.

  • Tier bonus system

    You will have additional price discounts and other bonuses based on your sales results.

  • Beat the competition

    You will have your clearly defined territory and vertical segment for operating, fixed by a contract.

  • Free trainings

    You receive free training on every product line.

How can you become a sales distributor

Step 1

Write to us at info@b2n.bg and tell us which brands are you interested in selling

Step 2

We will have a preliminary phone call so you can get a picture of the many opportunities you will have with us

Step 3

We sign a partnership contract. You get access to our knowledge base with sales and technical trainings.

Our requirements

Sales potential

You are a start-up with a huge sales potential or you have an established sales network

A showroom

You have a showroom where you can demonstrate the 3D printers and/or 3D scanners

Online presence

You have an established online presence with an e-commerce website

We're expecting you.

    Sales Partnership Request

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        Свържете се директно с наш представител на телефон: 0878 797 490 

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